Weight Watchers Week 40

Wow!  It’s been 40 weeks since joining Weight Watchers, and I will say that I am thrilled to be consistantly lossing weight and better yet physically feeling so much better.  Praise the Lord.   I have now lost a total of 43 pound, and getting close to the goal I set for myself.

Here are some tips for me to remember:

* exercise, if not daily, several times each week

* move the body when ever possible.  Nathan and I shoot basketball hoops each evening when we are hanging around the house after dinner.  It adds to my activity points.

* when gathering with friends, don’t make food the central theme, make activity dates instead of lunch dates.  Try bowling, hiking, walking in your neighborhood, play cards without snacks or dessert.

* during your “normal” snacking part of the day, find other things to do.  Read a book, knit, crochet, take a short walk, chew gum, or clean something.  Keep those hands busy.

* snack on healthy choice items, fruits and veggies are free WW points.

* don’t let boredom sabotage your weight loss.  Take a class at the community college or community center, call a friend and talk on the phone.  Do community service work and get out there and meet new people.

Okay, these are a few ideas I am picking up from my accountability meetings.

Here’s a funny for you!!!


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