Re-blog: Reminder To Myself

A Pastor’s Reflections:

Over the years I’ve run into many people who love and embrace the Reformed faith. Everyone’s story is a bit different—some found out about the Reformed faith through books, others through ministries, such as Ligonier or the White Horse Inn, and still yet others have grown up in the Reformed church. One of the classes of people I avoid, however, is the…  read the rest here.


One thought on “Re-blog: Reminder To Myself

  1. This is so true! I know so many that can talk big and fancy, understand complicated truths, debate hard topics, etc. But almost none of them walk it. Sometimes it makes me want to, “stay simple” in my understanding, however I know it’s balance. Learn it, apply it, learn it, apply it . . . If we’re not applying it, what’s the point?

    Hmm . . . and I’m having attitude problems this morning, I’d best go do some ‘walking’ myself! :)

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