A Book By Rebekah Jones

A Year with the Potters: The Adventures and Lessons of a Homeschooling Family     by Rebekah Jones

In April they met new friends, in August they got a kitten, October they learned about Martin Luther, November brought a pet Black Widow, and January gave them a Biblical lesson in perseverance. What else is in store for the Potter family? For Amanda, Jackie, Emmy, Grace, and their parents, there’s no such thing as an ordinary month! Not only that, they are always pulling their friends into their adventures too. Why is there a kitten creeping through shards of glass? What is he after? And why is there a jar hiding in the kitchen cupboard – with a spider living in it?

Purchase your copy here.

 – We attended church with Rebekah and her family.  In fact, I’m told our family is woven into the story.  I’ve just ordered my copy so I can’t wait to find out how we fit in.  I have high expectations for the book, it should be great!  Congratulations, Rebekah!                               ~Beth


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