As I continue on in my Christian walk the one word that I have been surrounded by for some time now is the word balance.  As I look back at the 30+ years of my walk with Christ I am starting to see the imbalances all around me.  It feels as though I am coming full circle from where I began.  I’m not sure if this is good or bad, maybe neither.  I am learning, changing and most important, resting in what Christ has done for me.

Anyways, my kids and I listened to a great sermon today.  What a great balance for me and them from the other teaching we have had over the years.  The title On Marriage and Singleness preached from I Corinthians 7: 1-8 was a breath of fresh air for those waiting for that perfect person to come along/ or not. Pastor Steve Walker from Central Valley Presbyterian Church in California is an overseeing elder at Trinity Covenant Presbyterian here in Az.  I took lots of notes but won’t bother sharing those here.  Check it out if you’re wondering what God is saying about marriage and/or singleness.  It will be a blessing.

Contentment in Christ and understanding the goodness of God are 2 keys to either.  We are God’s children first and that is the most important relationship we can have.



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