Washington Adventures

Hi everybody, Kayla here, and I’ve just returned from a rather extended visit I made to Washington state. Mom asked me to share a couple favorite pictures and some favorite things about the trip with ya’ll so, I’m going to start with the ever iconic Space Needle.


I’ve only been up the Space Needle once before in my life, and I was way younger then, so it was really cool to go up it again now that I’m old enough to appreciate it and remember what it was like.


The view from the top was impressive from all sides, but the side facing downtown was my favorite!



A much less noted sight one can see in Washington, and what I loved a ton, were all the gigantic and amazing evergreen tree’s!  They’re definitely not something I see often in Arizona.


And speaking of things I don’t see often in Arizona….


It snowed one night and that was incredible! I made snowmen, had a snowball fight, and played around in it for a long time!!!


Seeing the Pacific ocean was also an amazing experience, even though I’ve been on the beach before, it felt way more special being up in the corner of Washington like I was at the time.


Going to a horse race with my Grandpa was also a special highlight that I won’t soon forget.


I saw a lot of neat, new stuff on my trip, and I experienced a lot of new things and had a lot of chances for practicing being more of a adult, and even though I’m very glad I got to get away on this trip when I did….


… I’m equally as glad now to be back. :)



One thought on “Washington Adventures

  1. Sounds like you had a great time, Kayla! That’s amazing that you saw snow so late in the year. I especially love the picture of the Pacific Ocean. It reminds me of when we studied Lewis and Clark one year! :D

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