Veggie Tales Return

There was a point in my history that I loved Veggie Tales.  The girls had just entered the age of being able to enjoy tv and quite frankly, there wasn’t that much on worth watching.  Years went by and I turn again the little vegetables.  Here I am back to loving them again.  Nathan is just the right age to enjoy them and the girls are finally getting the adult humor that is not so subtly added in.  All this to post the fun drawings we started with this week.

IMG_5876 (2)

IMG_5867 (2)Nathan’s  “Bob the Tomato”

IMG_5868 (2)Nathan’s  “Larry as Little Joe”

IMG_5864 (2)Nathan’s  “Madame Blueberry”

IMG_5865 (2)Nathan’s   “Jimmy and Jerry”

IMG_5871 (2)Nathan’s  “Mr Lunt in Madame Blueberry”

IMG_5873 (2)Nathan’s first attempt at Bob and Larry


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