Reblog: Advice for a Young Man Dating a Young Woman


by John Harris

As I look back over twenty-five years of marriage, I am grateful for the countless blessings of being with one woman whom I love and who loves me so faithfully. Through many highs and lows, we have grown closer together as we have persevered through life’s struggles. As a result, I have developed a few convictions and beliefs about how a young man can and should find his wife and embark on his journey with her. To all my 20-something friends, I honestly believe that every young man who is truly interested in entering into a marriage covenant with a young woman should embrace the following seven critical pieces of advice. Ignore them at the risk of missing out on the blessing. Embrace them and you can expect a depth of relationship experienced nowhere else.
Get your mind off yourself and cultivate a heart of understanding. Read her. Study her. Know her. Listen very carefully, not merely to the words spoken, but for their meaning and motive….

read the rest here.


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