Reblog: Hammering Some Cold Iron (Doug Wilson)


One of the developing memes in my recent controversies is that I like to wax eloquent when writing about sovereign and efficacious grace, but that I do this because I am all about grace for the repentant abuser. Big time grace for the victim, not so much.

This is a charge that is wildly, uproariously, jaw-droppingly and staggeringly false, as in, not true, but I still want to take a moment to respond to it. I don’t know how big lies can get the traction they do, but they still can, and that is why people tell them. Unfortunately, it works on some people. And for some folks, trying to get across what I actually believe about this is like hammering cold iron. But sometimes it is worth trying anyway.

So here is a short gallery of statements I have made in the past about the need for the church to take up the cause of the victim, and on our responsibility to teach our daughters not to be played for victims. Here we go, and links to the full posts are in the titles. Keep in mind that this list of quotations could be a lot longer.

Read the rest here.

~ Lots of good links to his prior articles about broken marriages. Beth


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