Reblog: Hard Objects, Hard Hearts & Hard Thinking


By Douglas Wilson

Let us begin with the principle. In a fallen world anything that is hard, or that has a hard edge, can be used as a weapon. We don’t know what Cain used to murder Abel, but it could have been something as simple as a rock.

Complications set in when we realize that many good things are hard — and hence can be weaponized. Anything hard can be diverted from its intended use, and turned into something destructive in the lives of others. This is true of wedding vows, and it is true of the poker by the fireplace. It is true of the rules of evidence, and it is true of many of the sayings of Jesus.

Speaking of the sayings of Jesus, He is the one who made it most plain that marriage vows are hard and fast. His clarity on the point is the reason that the sinful heart is able to weaponize that wonderful phrase “for better, for worse.”

I am not — obviously — blaming Jesus for anything. Jesus created hard wood too, which can be made into the shaft of a spear. Sin is always the contribution of sinners, but the instruments of our sin in this created world are always gifts that have been turned aside from their intended purpose. God gave us iron so that we could have plow shares, but we have figured out how to beat them into other uses.

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