Round Robin- Month 2


Here is Jan’s quilt center with the first months rows sewn on by the first person.

IMG_0171First I put on a stop gap of rusty maroon color.

IMG_0230Next I made 4 patches to increase the size. Jan is hoping for a queen size quilt when all 8 of us are done.

I hadn’t planned on working on it so soon but Glenda emailed saying she was done with hers and could she have the next one. I will call her in a day or two so she can press on with what she will add. I can’t wait to see them all. June will be here before we know it.

2 thoughts on “Round Robin- Month 2

  1. Hurray! It looks great so far. Your instinct to add rusty red was just right. Really brightened it. Do you have specific dimensions you’re supposed to use as you add borders? Or is it up to each quilter to decide? Any other rules? Did the person who made the center also provide the rest of the fabric, or are you each adding from your own? Thanks for answering. Two of my favorite quilts came from round robins.

  2. Thanks for your comments and encouragement. Here’s my first post it has a lot of the answers to your questions. Here’s the second post with a different quilt We were given a paper with questions about desired size or other dos or don’t that you can specify. I wanted a wall hanging size but so far the 2 I’ve gotten both want queen size or larger. A suggestion was made for round 1 but not round 2. Hope that helps.

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