Kitten Update

IMG_2950 (2)

Here they are, the 3 kittens that we kept from Princess’s litter this summer.  They are about 6 months old now and quickly gaining size on mommy cat.  They have been a lot of fun for all of us.


Kitty Update…

The kittens are now 10 weeks old.  Aren’t these 2 adorable.  Mother, Princess has been spayed about a week ago and is recovering nicely.  I will be setting appointments for the 3 females soon.  It looks like we will be keeping them all since no one has spoken up for any.

We’ve given them proper names this last week.  Above Blackie has been changed to Vader and his sister next to him is Dr. Watson.  Kayla has renamed her kitten, Katness from the Hunger Game movie,  the other black one with white markings is Holmes.  Nathan’s tabby male remains Tubby.

We are really enjoying to watch them play.  Nathan in particular is enjoying all the kittens and they are doing really well with him, he has not been scratched but once.  He checks on them multiple times a day.

Nathan and Tubby

Introducing Nathan’s new kitten, Tubby!  He has been voted most adorable by the rest of the family.  He has the most playful personality and everyone likes his stripes.  He will be an outdoor kitty and Nathan checks on him many time each day.  Nathan is great at feeding all the kittens and making sure they have food through out the day.  Tubby is 8 weeks here.

Nathan’s New Friend

I love this photo!  I even turned it into a card for some of you!  The kittens are about 5 weeks old now and starting to eat and drink on their own.  Since we put out kitten food, Princess is starting to ween them.   We’ll be keeping one for Nathan and one for Kayla.  So there are 3 of the cutest kittens up for grabs very soon.  Probably about 3 weeks or so.   Don’t miss out!

The Kittens Have Arrived

Late Tuesday night, Princess gave birth to her 5 kittens.  She is but a kitten herself at 7 months old.  Let me know if we should set aside a kitten for you.

Expectant grandma, Jamie, sat by her side the whole time she labored.  The whole process took about 2 1/2 hours from the first being born to the last.

Here’s #1

Here is all 5.  2 have markings much like hers and the other 3 are very dark.  More cute pictures to come…

Upgrading the Tortuous Hotel

Our tortuous have been given a new home.  David has expanded and given them more than twice the room they had before.  They even have a nice shade screen to block some of the hot Az sun.   And not a moment too soon as they have 4 cousins as roomies for the next month or so.

Scout: The Secret of the Swamp (book endorsement)

When Tom names his German shepherd puppy Scout, little does he know how aptly he has named him. Although the dog’s tracking ability gets him and his master into serious trouble, it also saves Tom’s life.

Tom finds himself caught up in events of World War Two. In his youthful adventurousness, Tom is forced to call on the courage and talents of his clever dog again and again. As the allied forces approach his home town, in Holland, Tom and his friend Carl overhear German military secrets. The secret trail through the swamp puts Scout’s talents and Tom’s courage and endurance to the ultimate test....

David just finished reading this book to the family.  It was very enjoyable for all of us.

Fresh Eggs


Our hens started laying eggs about 3 weeks ago.  It was still over 100 degrees but bless them they started producing despite the heat.  We believe we have 5 of the 6 laying so far.  Ethel is the picked on one and is small, she might be they one having a time getting started.

The skillet is a 6″ pan.  The 2 eggs are small but tasty.  We are thankful.

Naming the hens



We bought id bands for the chickens so that we could get them their names.

The head hen is Jamie’s, her name is Mrs. Shin (from the Music Man movie)
Kayla, as keeper of the chickens, has 2, Lucy and Ethel.
Nathan, never having seen Star Wars chose Princess Leah for his hen.
David named his hen, Miss Lemon (from the Poirot series)
Beth in keeping with the other famous women actors, which we love, named her’s Aunt Bee.

Our Hens

We have given our roosters to a family at our church and now we just have our hens. Still no eggs, but soon. We plan to name them soon. We have 6 hens now.

The Cat Post

Here are some pictures I took of our cat Patience.


Watching Patience and the chickens is like watching the word  COEXIST  in action. They kinda leave each other be, but they still notice each other.

My Butterfly

Yesterday I caught a huge yellow/black butterfly who was fluttering around a neighbors tree! I was so excited when I’d got him! Right now he is inside a cage.

This is his top, he was so big!

Here’s his underside. I think he is pretty!