Nathan’s Summer Construction 2018


Marshmallows and Bamboo Skewers


New Pin Cushion


I’m continuing to get my workroom/quilt studio up and running. This is my new pin cushion that matches the curtains, seat cushion and the ironing board cover. The fabric is almost gone. I’ll see what else I can come up with.

My Re-organization of Fabrics

It took me about 2 1/2 months, working in my spare time, to finish up my quilt fabric organization. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I have several items to get quilted and then on to creating more wonderful things.

First I’ll show some before pictures:

These are the 2 basic shelves I had and all my fabrics were in these boxes labeled with color or themes of the fabrics.

I purchased acid free comic book backs from EBay to wrap my fabrics in. I had to order several times to have enough. I cut them in half for my fat quarters and half yard pieces. I also got boxes from Costco to cut down to hold the smaller bundles of fabrics. I didn’t want to buy anything I didn’t have to so cut down and turned my banker boxes on their sides to see what I have.

So after some thought, I placed my fat quarters and small bundles in front of the larger fabric lengths of the same color or theme. It’s worked out well. I have a shelf of backing fabrics and a shelve of favorite fabrics.

I hope you are inspired. This exercise has shown me I do not have to buy fabric for a loooong time. LOL.

Quick Preview


For a Christmas present to myself I decided to organize my fabric stash so that I could see what I have. My quilt group did an organizing presentation in the fall and that got me thinking. First pictures is how I was currently sorting my fabrics. Each box is color or theme labeled. It worked okay because I haven’t been doing much.


So here’s the start. I’m folding and measuring my fabrics and turning my boxes on their sides. I’m almost done and will do a full post soon.

Reblog: Craftsy: Make Your Own DIY Color Catcher!


It’s every quilter’s worst nightmare: you open up the washing machine to pull out your freshly washed creation for the first time, only to find that your reds and purples have bled all over your whites and lights. (Been there, done that!) It’s an awful feeling after putting so much work into a project, but thankfully it’s getting to be more of a thing of the past thanks to color catchers.

These store-bought sheets, found in the laundry aisle, soak up the dye sloshing around in your wash water and keep it from transferring to other fabrics. Having learned my lesson in previous projects, I now put three or four color catchers into my quilt loads when they contain previously unwashed fabrics. And so far, they’ve worked great.

Read the rest here.

Quilting Board: The Quilter’s Message Board


I just wanted to share a quilting website that I really enjoy.  It is free and you can see what other quilters are creating and view tutorials, connect with other quilter’s around the world and everything in-between.  If you enjoy quilting or looking at quilts you may enjoy this site also.  So just check it out.  Here’s the link.