Some Beauty in Texas





Kayla sent these pictures from Texas. She is enjoying exploring the natural beauty of her surroundings.


Kayla Graduates High School !!!

Kayla's Grad 2014

Announcing the 2014 graduation of Kayla Delight Terry. She has successfully completed and survived 10 years in the Terry Home School Program and 1 and 1/2 years in a local Self-Paced Charter School. She has worked hard completing her Jr. and Sr. years of high school in just over one year.  That included 4 years of math!  The family is very proud of all the diligence and perseverance she has found within herself to accomplish this significant goal. Please join our celebration!!!!


We reminisced the many fun and memorial moments in Kayla’s 18 years so far.  Here are some favorite pictures from the past and present.


Prescott Quilt Show

IMG_5683 (2)

IMG_5807 (2)IMG_5728 (2)What fun I had rambling through to look at all the wonderful quilts.

IMG_5732 (2)I voted this as my favorite of the show.  The hand applique was just beautiful and my favorite color, navy blue.

IMG_5746 (2)This was another favorite, Green is not my color but I liked the pattern and the placement of the patterns and fabrics.

IMG_5686 (2)Kayla was my chauffeur for the day.  She got some good drive time in on this trip.


Kayla Update

IMG_5418 (2)After Kayla got back from her Washington trip, she had a Jamieless bedroom to make her own.  She set herself up with quite the office cubicle and music studio.

IMG_5409 (2)

She’s teaching herself guitar, using Mom’s old guitar, chord sheets and youtube.  She’s doing very well too.

Prescott Square

Kayla took these pictures, expect for the last one.  Arizona celebrates our 100th year anniversary of becoming a state this year.  We didn’t count them but Prescott had many flags lining both side of the side walk leading to the Court House in the downtown square.

I like the second picture where Kayla got both the flags and the statue at the same time.  She maybe a photographer in the making.

Lynx Lake

Kayla and I travelled to Prescott for a day trip together.  Lynx Lake was a fun spot to stop and drink in the beauty of God’s creation.

Here’s a good picture Kayla took of the path down to the lake.

While at the lake we parked up on the Hilltop Campsite and spent time taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Kayla couldn’t resist climbing this tree.

Here’s a picture Kayla took of me walking by the lake.

I love this picture Kayla took with the light streaming through to the leaves of this tree.