Nathan’s Summer Construction 2018


Marshmallows and Bamboo Skewers


Wickenburg, AZ (in the rain)

Last Saturday the kids and I did a day trip to Wickenburg, AZ. I had only ever been there one time before and that was maybe 15 years ago. It is a rather small town with a western feel about an hour north east of Phoenix. They have an excellent Western museum in their down town shopping area. I enjoyed it very much. There were quilts on display (always a favorite),  lots of western art including paintings, pencil drawings, sculptures, the history of the saddle and many examples of the progression through time and in the lower floor a diorama of an old western town. I liked the almost 4 foot cowboy boot. It was a nice way to celebrate my birthday with my kids.



Nathan’s 7 Habits

This is not Nathan’s class but this is the song and the theme of the entire year in the school which Nathan attends. It’s been a great year for him overall and I am very pleased with what he has been learning.


This is the program from Nathan’s Talent Night Show-


Nathan is in the green shirt right of center and above.


Happy Veteran’s Day 2015


Nathan’s 3rd grade class, along with the rest of his school did a special program yesterday to salute vets on Veteran’s Day. They sang the song, Thank You, Soldiers.  All the kids from K-8 did a great job honoring the men and women of the Armed Forces. (Nathan is in the back row, 4th from the left.)