Nathan Starts to Skateboard



Some Beauty in Texas





Kayla sent these pictures from Texas. She is enjoying exploring the natural beauty of her surroundings.

One of the Sweetest Smells and Flavors





Our orange tree did well this year. It didn’t produce a ton of fruit but what we harvested tasted great. This last pictures is one of the last pieces of fruit for the season. As you can see the blossoms are plentiful for next year. My favorite thing, besides eating the fruit, is the fragrance of the blossoms while the bees are busy doing their job. Oh, so good!

Christmas Lights in Phoenix

IMG_6980 (2)This years light display travels took us to the Princess Resort, we were not disappointed.

IMG_6959 (2)more lights…

IMG_6974 (2)While waiting to ride the train through the festive grounds we were snowed upon by the snow machine.  It was about 65* at the time.

IMG_6984 (2)This 4 story tree blinked on and off with the rhythms of the Christmas music. The colors changed and the snowflakes lit up.  What a sight!

Summer Swimming

IMG_5878 (2)

IMG_5880 (2)

IMG_5879 (2)Our neighbor’s didn’t go on vacation a moment too soon.  We were asked to water plants and swim in the pool.  With our 110 degree days it is fun to do.  Jamie and Nathan are especially enjoying the water.  Another great blessing from God!

Cold (brrr)

IMG_3306 (2)

I think David left the hose running last night.  This was in the back yard this morning around 10am.  I’m doing my exercise routine in gloves and a scarf.  It’s a good change for Phoenix in January.