Jamie’s Car Buying Experience


So the used car shopping is quite the experience. Thankfully we were not rushed to make a decision. We waited for the right car and after the first two months of car ownership, Jamie still loves it. God came through and I am very thankful.

I wanted to document our resources in case we ever have to do this again:

My brother pointed us to kkb.com which is the Kelly Blue Book site. That was very helpful and also carcomplaints.com which also took a lot of the guess work out of knowing one bad model or year from another. A friend also gave us Edmunds.com which is a site the used car salesman use to find internet deals from other dealerships. I contacted AAA because they have a car buying service for their customers but they didn’t deal with car in the price range we were looking. I may use them if I ever need a different car.

Congratulations to Jamie for another giant step into adulthood!


Saving Quilts

IMG_6811 (2)It so hard to pass up these beautiful baby quilts at Savers and Goodwill.  The price tags are $2-$3 and I’m a sucker almost every time.

IMG_6812 (2)I’ll be adding some extra quilting soon and seeing who I can pass them along to.

New Curtains

This is so embarrassing.  The girls and I  purchased this material at least 4 years ago after putting the them together in the same room.  We took the doors off the closet because one of them was always leaving her side open and in the way of the other.   I just re-found the fabric and in less than an hour had them done and hanging.  They cover so much stuff and look terrific.  I just wish I had done them sooner :D

Making Apple Sauce

I purchased a sauce maker more than a year ago.  Bountiful Baskets had a good deal on 40# of fuji apples, so here we go…

First we washed them and then pressure cooked them for about 4 minutes.

We did 2 different batches and by the second one we were working as a team.

Wow, it looks like real apples sauce, and tastes good too.

We processed 21 pints of fuji apple sauce and strained 1/2 gallon of good apple juice out of the bottom of the cooking pot.

Over all we did well on our first try at apple sauce.

Canning beans

We had some friends come up from Casa Grande and spend the day with us.  We got to visit and tried out my new pressure canner to see how it would work.  We canned 3 different flavors of pinto beans to sample the recipes. (not that appetizing to look at)  Thanks for visiting C. girls.

Fresh Eggs


Our hens started laying eggs about 3 weeks ago.  It was still over 100 degrees but bless them they started producing despite the heat.  We believe we have 5 of the 6 laying so far.  Ethel is the picked on one and is small, she might be they one having a time getting started.

The skillet is a 6″ pan.  The 2 eggs are small but tasty.  We are thankful.

Naming the hens



We bought id bands for the chickens so that we could get them their names.

The head hen is Jamie’s, her name is Mrs. Shin (from the Music Man movie)
Kayla, as keeper of the chickens, has 2, Lucy and Ethel.
Nathan, never having seen Star Wars chose Princess Leah for his hen.
David named his hen, Miss Lemon (from the Poirot series)
Beth in keeping with the other famous women actors, which we love, named her’s Aunt Bee.

Another Culotte

Try to play that on the piano! :P

I have actually made about 6 culottes lately. This one is special because it is music fabric!  It wasn’t always easy to make these. It used to take me  months when I first stared making them!!!! Now that I’ve got practice and I’m a bit older I can make 1 or even 2 in 1 day.

Thank you to mom and dad for buying me lots of nice fabric!

A Good Buy!

I found a great buy at goodwill! It was a 4 piece piano desk set! Take a look:

A Clipboard!

Paper in a container! The paper inside makes it look like a piano!

A pencil holder. (I added that pen)

And a place to put your notes!

Here's the picture from the box!

It was still in it’s wrappers and box and everything- for $3 bucks! Yay!

I am excited about my new desk stuff, especially since it’s piano stuff! I love a piano!


I love daisies…

I am blessed to have my own daisy patch in our front yard.   These are called blackfoot daisies and they return to our garden every year about this time.  The kids and David have kept me with a steady flow of vases filled since the beginning of February when they were filling out the garden.  One of the many good gift for the Father of Light.