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Reblog: 10 of the Greatest Leadership Questions Ever Asked

by Ron Edmondson

Have you ever heard the phrase, “There are no bad questions”?

In leadership, this might be true.

I have learned in my years of leadership – I only know what I know. And, many times I don’t know much. There are often things among the people I am trying to lead which I need to know – and, for whatever reason – I won’t know unless I ask. Which means I must continually ask lots of questions.

One of the best skills a leader can develop is the art of asking the right questions – and, even better – at the right times.

Here are 10 of the greatest leadership questions ever asked:

  1. How can I help you?
  2. What is the biggest challenge you have to being successful here?
  3. Do you understand what I’ve asked you to do?
  4. What am I missing or what would you do differently if you were me?
  5. What do you see I can’t see?
  6. How can I improve as your leader?
  7. If we had authority to do anything – and money was no barrier – what would you like to see us do as a team/organization?
  8. Where do you see yourself someday and how can I assist you in getting there?
  9. What are you currently learning which can help all of us?
  10. How are you doing in your personal life and is there any way I can help you?

You can rephrase these for your context and within the relationships you have with people with whom you serve. You can certainly add your own questions. But, if you are attempting to lead people, may I suggest you start asking questions.

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My Re-organization of Fabrics

It took me about 2 1/2 months, working in my spare time, to finish up my quilt fabric organization. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I have several items to get quilted and then on to creating more wonderful things.

First I’ll show some before pictures:

These are the 2 basic shelves I had and all my fabrics were in these boxes labeled with color or themes of the fabrics.

I purchased acid free comic book backs from EBay to wrap my fabrics in. I had to order several times to have enough. I cut them in half for my fat quarters and half yard pieces. I also got boxes from Costco to cut down to hold the smaller bundles of fabrics. I didn’t want to buy anything I didn’t have to so cut down and turned my banker boxes on their sides to see what I have.

So after some thought, I placed my fat quarters and small bundles in front of the larger fabric lengths of the same color or theme. It’s worked out well. I have a shelf of backing fabrics and a shelve of favorite fabrics.

I hope you are inspired. This exercise has shown me I do not have to buy fabric for a loooong time. LOL.

Reblog: I Spent 5 Years Interviewing the Most Successful People Alive — They All Have These 7 Things in Common


For my new book, Getting There: A Book of Mentors, I spent 5 years interviewing some of the most successful people alive (Warren Buffett, Michael Bloomberg, Anderson Cooper, Sara Blakely, Jeff Koons, Kathy Ireland, Les Moonves, to name a few). Here are the 7 things they all have in common:


In his Getting There essay, legendary investor Warren Buffett explains that it’s essential to understand your strengths and weaknesses. He relays that when deciding what to pursue, knowing what to leave out is as important as knowing what to focus on and quotes Tom Watson (the founder of IBM) who said, “I’m no genius but I’m smart in spots and I stay around those spots.”

Buffett explains, “My brain is not a general-purpose brain that works marvelously in all situations. There are all sorts of things that I’m no good at and there are all kinds of investment opportunities I’m not able to comprehend. I understand some kinds of simple businesses. I can’t understand complicated ones. Coca- Cola, for example, isn’t very complicated. It’s a durable product and the appeal is universal. I try to find businesses I can grasp, where I like the people running them and think the price makes sense in relation to the future economics.”

John Paul DeJoria, billionaire co-founder of the Patrón Spirits Company and John Paul Mitchell Systems, advises, “Do what you do best and try to find others who can fill in by doing the things you are not good at. For instance, I am terrible at details—accounting especially, so I hire accountants to help me. This frees me up to focus on the things I do excel at and I can run a more efficient operation.”

None of my Getting There subjects are good at everything, but they all became incredibly successful by honing in on what they excel at.

Find the rest of the list on Linked In.

Jamie Won $ !!!


I’m so very proud of Jamie.  She entered the Booktrack contest several months ago, made the finalists list and just found out Monday that she won $5,000.  What a confidence builder for her.  She is an amazingly talented writer, in my humble, motherly opinion. And she actually won this contest for adding sound to another person’s writing.  (As you can read, writing is not a gift, necessarily in my life.)  Check out Jamie’s blog for all the details of what she did and links to hear and read about the contest.

Reblog: 9 Things Rich People Do Differently Every Day


July 1, 2014 by Entrepreneur

What you do today matters. In fact, your daily habits may be a major determinant of your wealth.

“The metaphor I like is the avalanche,” says Thomas Corley, the author of “Rich Habits: The Daily Success Habits Of Wealthy Individuals.” “These habits are like snowflakes — they build up, and then you have an avalanche of success.”

Corley spent five years studying the lives of both rich people (defined as having an annual income of $160,000 or more and a liquid net worth of $3.2 million or more) and poor people (defined as having an annual income of $35,000 or less and a liquid net worth of $5,000 or less).

He managed to segment out what he calls “rich habits” and “poverty habits,” meaning the tendencies of those who fit in each group. But, Corley explains, everyone has some rich habits and some poverty habits. “The key is to get more than 50% to be rich habits,” he says.

And what are those rich habits that are so influential? Here are a few:

1. Rich people always keep their goals in sight.
“I focus on my goals every day.”
Rich people who agree: 62%
Poor people who agree: 6%

Not only do wealthy people set annual and monthly goals, but 67% of them put those goals in writing. “It blew me away,” says Corley. “I thought a goal was a broad objective, but the wealthy said a wish is not a goal.” A goal is only a goal, he says, if it has two things: It’s achievable, and there’s a physical action you can take to pursue it.

Read the rest here.

Jamie’s Won $ For Writing (WooHoo!!!)

Jamie book winner

I’m so happy for Jamie.  Yesterday she found out that she won a writing contest she entered.  And with it comes some hard cold cash, Yes!    I believe it is the first contest she has entered.   She has always loved writing, or at least since the 2nd or 3rd grade.  I’ve linked the above book to her blog post and you can get to the writing from her instructions, if you’d like.        One Proud Mamma!

Jamie gets a job…

Here’s Jamie with her first official pay check from the family business.  She is doing a super job answering David’s business phone and taking messages for him during the day, this way he can get more actual mechanic work done.

Here she is in action.  I am very proud of the young woman she is becoming.

Another Culotte

Try to play that on the piano! :P

I have actually made about 6 culottes lately. This one is special because it is music fabric!  It wasn’t always easy to make these. It used to take me  months when I first stared making them!!!! Now that I’ve got practice and I’m a bit older I can make 1 or even 2 in 1 day.

Thank you to mom and dad for buying me lots of nice fabric!

The Standoff

Here I am in costume as the banker!

We have completed our film, The Standoff. I am not too pleased with the music I wrote, but other than that I think it’s great! I have two buyers for the film, which surprisingly, came out 9 minutes. I was afraid it would be only 5 or something. Nathan loves watching his own acting. He was the good guy and a bad guy. He said the good guys name had to be John Paton, which, unbeknown to him is the name of a former missionary. Anyway, I am pleased we have pressed through with the idea. Glory to God!

A New Film

Hopefully, most of you know about, Nathan and my film company, ‘Kate and Nate’. We have made lots of short shows where he stars and I co-star and do everything else. Jamie has been nice enough to co-star as the comedy characters in some of our shows. Recently we are embarking on a new show, that we have titled, The Standoff. It is a western, we’ve called it that because it stands off good against evil. I am attempting to write the musical score for it, though we may resort to some other options. Please pray that we will go through with this production and do a good job! Oh, and by the way, I put together the above poster. Isn’t Nathan so adorable?


The Two Girls


A Classic Picture---'Did you say Chick-Fil-A?'

Nathan in the coop


No, we didn’t buy chickens. We’re hoping to someday . . . but not now (as far as I know). These are two chickens that we took care of over the last weekend. No, they didn’t come to our house. They live (literally) up the hill from us. Their owners went out of the town, and we volunteered to watch them Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Everyday we drove up and changed their water, gave them a cupful of feed, and brought home one to two eggs.  Also, to set the facts straight. They are six months old and are called ‘Rode Island Reds’ and were very well behaved. They followed us around, scratched at the dirt for bugs, and when they saw us carrying their food they raced back to the pen quite happily. They didn’t  run away when we tried to touch them. They just cowered down to the ground a bit.   They made the funniest sounds. There’s nothing like hearing a real chicken cluck! Lol And for those people who like itty, bitty details—-they didn’t have names. Which is alright, because you can’t really tell them apart. Nathan like them a lot, but I wasn’t able to convince him to touch one. He held the coop door open for us, though.  I told him he was looking at walking chicken nuggets. He . . . . didn’t know what to think of that! Lol    


Our Family Business… One year old!

Kayla’s decoration for the celebration.

Video taping for future generations.
Nathan was inspecting and hoping for some icing.
Jamie had fun and she picked the colors for the cake :D
All done, and it tasted great !!!
Jamie’s first ever decorated cake

 by Beth

Last weekend we celebrated our family business’s first anniversary.  It was one year ago that David lost his job at the Chandler Mercedes Dealership and came home to start his own business.  It has been a world wind of a year and many things to do and learn for the whole family but it has been good.  God has been very gracious to us and financially the bills are being paid.  He is getting more and more word of mouth recommendations and the phone almost rings too often.  Jamie will probably be trained before too long to take calls so he can actually get more work done.

For Christmas we bought for both girls a bunch of different cake decorating supplies.  This is the first cake Jamie has done and we really haven’t done any lessons per say.

Kayla is really good at making movies for the family, so she took some video and I’m sure it will be put into some show eventually.  She also is the resident decoration committee for the Terry family.  It’s a joy for her to create for our parties.

David does some maintenance

IMG_9087 (2)

David cleans the garage floor after almost 5 months of work.  All is going well with his business and he is staying very busy right now.  He’s also working in 113 degree weather right now but says the Lord is sustaining him and it’s not as bad as he thought it could be :)