Are You Doing This Wrong Too?

I just had to share this funny picture. lol.  I’ve seen it in several emails getting forwarded around the internet and Facebook.  I thought you might enjoy it too.   (Source unknown)


My Weight Watcher Update

This week was the end of my 16th week following Weight Watcher theology.  It is working, PTL.  I’ve dropped my weight 21 pounds, losing several pounds twice. LOL.  It is a slow yet steady process, if you follow their recommendations.  I’m learning to grab for the veggies instead of the chips or sweets, which is great.  I’m feeling healthier, more energetic and it’s definitely easier to move around.  Here’s a picture of the ribbons I’m receiving when I lose 10 pounds.  I received  my second one last week.

4 More Weeks

Okay, it’s been a total of 12 weeks now that I’ve been attending Weight Watchers.  It’s been a really good experience for me and I’m eating a lot more fruits and veggies and a lot less sugar and wheat products.  I had one bad week this month where I didn’t lose any weight but I didn’t throw in the towel but decided to work all the harder.   I have now lost a total of 17 pounds.  I’ve dropped at least a size in clothing, which make me happy.   I thought I did pretty well considering we had company for 2 weeks during this month.    Thanks for the prayers that are coming my way.  I appreciate them.

just for fun

8 Week Update

Okay, I just finished my 8th week on the Weight Watcher’s program.  I’m still on track and have lost something each week.  I’m down a total of 13 pounds thus far.  I must keep pressing on.  The daily journaling of what I eat is very helpful.  Wow, some days surprise you!

I’m continuing to exercise 5-6 days a week, which I know is helping to shed the pounds.  I really enjoy Theresa Tapp’s dvd exercise workout.  Big thanks to my family for supporting and encouraging me in this.

Weight Watchers Update

Okay, I’m giving my 1 month report.  All is going well for me.  I’m right on track with losing the weight that is safe.  I’ve lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks.  It’s been great, I’m not hungry all the time and I making much healthier choices for snacks and meals.   Yay!  I’m excited that the weight is coming off.

Weight Watchers Here I Come…

There have been a couple of times in my life where I’ve needed to lose weight.  In the early 90’s I joined Jenny Craig and lost all the weight I wanted to, fairly easily.  In 2004, I turned to Arbonne, which a friend was selling, and did well with their weight loss program, too.  It’s in the maintenance that I’m having trouble and the older I get I know it will not get any easier.

So fresh veggies look out… I’m coming to eat you.

If any of my friends or family have experience with Weight Watchers I’d love to hear about your stories and have your moral support while I try to shed my extra pounds.  I’ll periodically check in and update you on my progress.