Washington Adventures

Hi everybody, Kayla here, and I’ve just returned from a rather extended visit I made to Washington state. Mom asked me to share a couple favorite pictures and some favorite things about the trip with ya’ll so, I’m going to start with the ever iconic Space Needle.


I’ve only been up the Space Needle once before in my life, and I was way younger then, so it was really cool to go up it again now that I’m old enough to appreciate it and remember what it was like.


The view from the top was impressive from all sides, but the side facing downtown was my favorite!



A much less noted sight one can see in Washington, and what I loved a ton, were all the gigantic and amazing evergreen tree’s!  They’re definitely not something I see often in Arizona.


And speaking of things I don’t see often in Arizona….


It snowed one night and that was incredible! I made snowmen, had a snowball fight, and played around in it for a long time!!!


Seeing the Pacific ocean was also an amazing experience, even though I’ve been on the beach before, it felt way more special being up in the corner of Washington like I was at the time.


Going to a horse race with my Grandpa was also a special highlight that I won’t soon forget.


I saw a lot of neat, new stuff on my trip, and I experienced a lot of new things and had a lot of chances for practicing being more of a adult, and even though I’m very glad I got to get away on this trip when I did….


… I’m equally as glad now to be back. :)



Kayla a Cowboy?

Jamie spent some time photo shooting Kayla in her cowboy attire,  I thought a bunch of them came out well.

That’s a wrap!

A Lesson from a Book

Right now we are reading through the ‘Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends’ book. Today we read a section about being servants to our siblings.

Here is a servant checklist…

Knows that all assignments are actually from God

Will be quick to volunteer

Considers his assignment important

Takes orders

Does not desire to have authority

Will do what others do not or will not do

Enjoys meetings needs

Doesn’t need recognition

Will voluntarily serve with out pay

Doesn’t seek higher status

Will do more than is required

Does not have his own selfish ambitions

Will serve anyone- even those whom others don’t like to serve

Is willing to be treated like a servant

Does not seek the ‘big’ and ‘important’ assignments

Will serve with a joyful attitude

Will put his whole heart into each task

Thinks of others before himself

Desires that his master receives the credit

Desires that God receives the glory

Here’s a scripture from Matthew 25:21:   His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.

My Blog Award

I got my first blog award from my big sister Jamie.

I actually am a Star Wars fan. (Well I am actually a Original Trilogy SW fan.) I will have to do some Star Wars film reviews sometime… but not right now.


Birthday Cake

The cake was two layers. Chocolate and Vanilla, with chocolate frosting in between!

Nathan face makes me laugh

We were planning to do black frosting on top (vanilla flavored of course) so it would look like space. It kinda turned purple.

I used melting chocolate to make some Star Wars characters to stick into the cake. That wasn’t as easy as I thought. As you can see Luke’s legs fell off…

From left to right: Han (remember the black color turned purple) , R2-D2, Leia, Luke, C-3po. (3po’s legs fell off too.)

The finished cake


I got one candle, but I'm still 15!

Look at the layers!!!


Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 15 years old. I will post pictures afterward of course.

I am having a Star Wars themed party. (No one is really coming for the party, just us.) Stay tuned!


Another Culotte

Try to play that on the piano! :P

I have actually made about 6 culottes lately. This one is special because it is music fabric!  It wasn’t always easy to make these. It used to take me  months when I first stared making them!!!! Now that I’ve got practice and I’m a bit older I can make 1 or even 2 in 1 day.

Thank you to mom and dad for buying me lots of nice fabric!

A Good Buy!

I found a great buy at goodwill! It was a 4 piece piano desk set! Take a look:

A Clipboard!

Paper in a container! The paper inside makes it look like a piano!

A pencil holder. (I added that pen)

And a place to put your notes!

Here's the picture from the box!

It was still in it’s wrappers and box and everything- for $3 bucks! Yay!

I am excited about my new desk stuff, especially since it’s piano stuff! I love a piano!