My First OBW Quilt


The starting fabric


After cutting…


The first few blocks…


Trial and error placing


Ta Da!


Fall Wallhanging


I just finished this top. It needs quilting and binding. I hope it’s done before Thanksgiving.

My Love Note Quilt


I just finished hanging this new quilt I made for Valentine’s Day. I need to finish hand quilting the empty spaces between the envelopes but I wanted to get it up so that I could enjoy it this week. The pattern comes from the Missouri Star Quilt Co and their quick video tutorials on You Tube.

Round Robin: Round 7

This was a fun 9 months of working on fellow quilters quilts. I am however ready to be done. I was glad of the opportunity to get to know several of my ladies in a deeper way through out the time. Here is the last of the quilts before I get mine back.


Here is the quilt as I received it.


Here is the starting center.


Here is the box of fabric that was sent along to everyone.


I added the plain green as a stopping border and to tie the green back into the quilt. I like how it finished.

My Silent Auction Quilt

I won this unfinished 1930’s fabric small quilt top at the PAQA quilt show in April. I was thrilled with the pattern, Grandmother’s Garden, it’s one of my favorites.  There was a hole in it and it is stained in a couple places but I didn’t care. I cut it down slightly to go on my one wall and used the cut off parts to patch the hole. I then sandwiched it and hand quilted it over the last month. Here is the final piece. I also made coaster with the scraps.


Below are the before pictures:


I replaces a pink hexagon with a different fabric but it blends in nicely, I think.


I loved it so much I immediately put it on the wall. You can see the hole here in the pink flower.


This picture is kind of scary for me. It took a lot for me to cut it up and square it. If I’d had more time it would have been nice to finish it as is.


Last pictures is of the sandwiching process and being ready to quilt. I didn’t frame it or anything. I just pinned it and quilted it in my lap.

My Finished Quilts


This quilt I started at the last summer quilting retreat in 2015. I finally quilted and bound the edge. I believe the pattern is called Summer in the Park.


I’ve posted this before but it is completely finished now. (and a personal favorite)


I also posted this one and same thing; it is quilted and bound and ready for sale.

The August retreat will be upon me soon. I have to figure out what I want to start and get fabrics together to enjoy my 3 days with the 50+ ladies. Should be fun.

Round Robin: Round 6

Round Robin Quilt 5

Here’s the quilt I received to put the 6th row on.


Here’s the stash we are working from.


There were a bunch of 1/2 triangles left from the center so I put those all together and add the green. It seems rather busy to me but I hope my fellow quilter enjoys it. There one more row to go.

Round Robin: Round 5


Here is the quilt as I received it from the last quilter. I’m just amazed at how different each one is. This reminds me of a fun Mexican Restaurant’s  color scheme. It should end up being a queen size.


Here is the pile of fabric that was sent along with it.


My round was 4 or 9 patch, so I added the green border and took a stripe fabric she had in her pile and turned it into a 9 patch cheater and added scraps of flowers to the corners. I hope she likes it.

My Re-organization of Fabrics

It took me about 2 1/2 months, working in my spare time, to finish up my quilt fabric organization. I’m so happy with how it turned out. I have several items to get quilted and then on to creating more wonderful things.

First I’ll show some before pictures:

These are the 2 basic shelves I had and all my fabrics were in these boxes labeled with color or themes of the fabrics.

I purchased acid free comic book backs from EBay to wrap my fabrics in. I had to order several times to have enough. I cut them in half for my fat quarters and half yard pieces. I also got boxes from Costco to cut down to hold the smaller bundles of fabrics. I didn’t want to buy anything I didn’t have to so cut down and turned my banker boxes on their sides to see what I have.

So after some thought, I placed my fat quarters and small bundles in front of the larger fabric lengths of the same color or theme. It’s worked out well. I have a shelf of backing fabrics and a shelve of favorite fabrics.

I hope you are inspired. This exercise has shown me I do not have to buy fabric for a loooong time. LOL.

Round Robin- Round 4


Here is what I received from the previous quilter. I love the camping theme and the colors. The owner of this quilt is hoping for a queen size quilt for her motor home. I just love what the last girl did, I was very inspired by the trees and the mini trees that fill in the space.


Here is the pile of fabrics sent along by the owner.


4th Round is the use of triangles. I had something completely different in mind before reading our instructions for the month. Here’s what I came up with after looking on Pinterest and a little meditation. Mountains with blue sky and suns in the corners. I was adventurous and made my own paper piecing pattern for the suns rays and then hand appliqued the body of the sun in the corner. I hope the owner likes it, I sure do. It’s given me great inspiration for our next Round Robin, if our group does it again.