Nathan in the Snow

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Nathan and his Dad went to Flagstaff in January after a good snowfall. Looks like they had a fun time.


Washington Adventures

Hi everybody, Kayla here, and I’ve just returned from a rather extended visit I made to Washington state. Mom asked me to share a couple favorite pictures and some favorite things about the trip with ya’ll so, I’m going to start with the ever iconic Space Needle.


I’ve only been up the Space Needle once before in my life, and I was way younger then, so it was really cool to go up it again now that I’m old enough to appreciate it and remember what it was like.


The view from the top was impressive from all sides, but the side facing downtown was my favorite!



A much less noted sight one can see in Washington, and what I loved a ton, were all the gigantic and amazing evergreen tree’s!  They’re definitely not something I see often in Arizona.


And speaking of things I don’t see often in Arizona….


It snowed one night and that was incredible! I made snowmen, had a snowball fight, and played around in it for a long time!!!


Seeing the Pacific ocean was also an amazing experience, even though I’ve been on the beach before, it felt way more special being up in the corner of Washington like I was at the time.


Going to a horse race with my Grandpa was also a special highlight that I won’t soon forget.


I saw a lot of neat, new stuff on my trip, and I experienced a lot of new things and had a lot of chances for practicing being more of a adult, and even though I’m very glad I got to get away on this trip when I did….


… I’m equally as glad now to be back. :)


Kayla’s Travel

sw airlines

We put Kayla on an airplane up to see Grandma Dee and then to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Terry.  She is still absent from our home and should be posting pictures and activities but hasn’t as of yet. See you soon, Kayla!

Arizona in October

As we left Chapel of the Holy Cross I saw this view and had to snap a picture.

This is the other favorite picture I took.

-Big thank you to my husband for a lovely anniversary weekend.  I had a wonderful time all around!

Sedona’s Red Rock

Here is the view from the Airport Overlook, behind me is Thunder Mountain.

This formation is called the Coffee Pot.  We were able to drive to the base of this one.

This is another one from the Airport with the entire Mountain Range across the valley with the City of Sedona nestled in the trees.

From the Schnebly Hill Rd Overlook you see this formation call the Merry Go Round.

This I believe is Snoopy Rock

This is Court House Butte, seen from Chapel of the Holy Cross.

I had fun taking my amatuer pictures.  In fact, at one point I accidentally got the camera into the self portrait setting and I couldn’t reverse it.  I called Kayla at home and she walked me through getting it back to the normal setting.  Good job, Kayla!

Sedona Anniversary Trip

David and I spent a night at this resort on Oak Creek.  We celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary.  It was a very nice place with a fire place which we had blazing in the evening.

Here is one pair of trees that were changing color on the resort property.  There were not that many trees changing but these sure were pretty.

The resort had about 15 acres of property with hiking trails next to the creek.

In the morning before departing for the day, David read by the creek while I took pictures.

I loved the sound the water makes, it reminded me of the stream in the Adirondack Mountains in NY where I camped as a child.

Looking down stream.

Prescott Square

Kayla took these pictures, expect for the last one.  Arizona celebrates our 100th year anniversary of becoming a state this year.  We didn’t count them but Prescott had many flags lining both side of the side walk leading to the Court House in the downtown square.

I like the second picture where Kayla got both the flags and the statue at the same time.  She maybe a photographer in the making.

Lynx Lake

Kayla and I travelled to Prescott for a day trip together.  Lynx Lake was a fun spot to stop and drink in the beauty of God’s creation.

Here’s a good picture Kayla took of the path down to the lake.

While at the lake we parked up on the Hilltop Campsite and spent time taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Kayla couldn’t resist climbing this tree.

Here’s a picture Kayla took of me walking by the lake.

I love this picture Kayla took with the light streaming through to the leaves of this tree.

The Titanic Museum

From the outside it was the front half of the ship.  It was massive and said to be only half the original scale.

The Museum was closed for the Vision Forum Event on Thursday evening.  VF had 100 re-enactors through out the museum, in costume, and telling the stories of their voyages and duties on the ship.  We were given cards with a passenger name and details to play along.  Unfortunately they would not let us take pictures or video inside the museum.  You can check out more here if you are interested.

Travels to Missouri

Our first night Jamie and Nathan played in the hotel pool at Santa Rosa, NM.

As you can hopefully see, Nathan lost his first tooth before lunch that day.  Awesome sister Jamie gave a gentle tug right in the Arby’s as we were standing in line.

Kayla communicating with her “fan girls” in her spare moments.


We listened to the first couple of Chronicles of Narnia, Radio Theathers.  It was a fun way to pass the time in the car.  Excellent production from Focus on the Family, as we expected.

We’re on the go again…

David sprung this on me this week.  The family is heading to Branson, Missouri for the 100 Anniversary of the Sinking of the Titanic.  The Christian’s reminder to protect the innocent as heard on the decks that very fearful night, “Women and children first.”  Check out the activities here.   Join us if you can.  Obviously, there will be lots more to come.